Azerite, Traits and Azerite Armor


Azerite, Azerite Armor and Azerite Traits, empowered through the Heart of Azeroth is the new artifact system being introduced in the upcoming World of Warcraft expansion - Battle for Azeroth. Unlike the previous artifact system, progression is no longer tied to a single item, instead your single Heart of Azeroth will level up through gaining artifact power and allow you to empower specific pieces of Azerite Armor with Azerite Traits, many of which are specific to each class and class specialisation. Read more below for a detailed explanation of each aspect of this system.

Heart of Azeroth

The Heart of Azeroth is the new artifact "weapon" present in Battle for Azeroth. When questing out in the world, running dungeons, raiding, battling in war fronts or traversing island expeditions you will earn Artifact Power in the form of Azerite. This artifact power will automatically be added to your Heart of Azeroth — no more artifact power items taking up room in your bags or applying them to the wrong artifact weapon!

Like artifact weapons in Legion, once you obtain a prerequisite quantity of artifact power your Heart of Azeroth will gain a level. When it gains a level, the item level of the necklace itself will also increase. Gaining levels on the Heart of Azeroth also unlocks additional tiers of Azerite Traits available on your Azerite Armor (more details below). Higher item levels of armor will require a higher Heart of Azeroth level in order to unlock the more powerful traits on them.

The Heart of Azeroth is gained via a quest started after completing the scenario "The Battle for Lordaeron". From the quest ! The Heart of Azeroth you will receive the artifact necklace Heart of Azeroth.

Azerite Level Item Level


When Sargeras stabbed Azeroth with his sword in the climatic battle of Legion, it caused her to bleed into the world. Azerite is the crystalised form of her blood. It is both an extremely powerful and potent material. It is for this reason both the Alliance and Horde are now fighting for control of this material.

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Azerite is seeping up from the wound that Sargeras’ blade dealt to Azeroth, and an incredible new resource is waiting to be claimed by the Horde, the Alliance, and anyone else seeking power. When you set out on an Island Expedition, you’ll compete for this resource to empower your Heart of Azeroth and to aid your faction in the race to control as much of the world’s Azerite as possible.

In Battle of Azeroth one of the main sources of Azerite will be Island expeditions. Island expeditions are brand new content which offer a 3v3 battle versus the enemy faction. On these island expeditions are Azerite nodes which each faction races to obtain. The first faction to obtain the alloted amount of Azerite wins. Winning an island expedition offers rewards, including Artifact Power which is applied directly to the players Heart of Azeroth. Island expeditions are unlocked after completing the War Campaign at max level. The PvE version of expeditions come in three difficulties — Normal, Heroic and Mythic. A PvP version is also available allowing 3 players of opposing factions to race and compete against one another.

More details pertaining to Island Expeditions is available here.

Azerite Armor

In three specific item slots, Azerite Armor is available as normal game rewards. Rare quality and better items in these slots are able to be empowered, items which draw power from the Heart of Azeroth and allow the selection of Azerite Traits on that specific item. Each Azerite Armor piece, regardless of its item level has the exact same set of Azerite traits available on it. Azerite traits on each item are organised into 3 or 4 tiers of powers, with each tier having a different number of options available. Only one trait is able to be selected for each tier.

Once the traits are selected for an item, they are locked in and can only be changed via an Azerite Reforger. These are located in the captial cities of each of the new continents in Battle for Azeroth. Reforging the Azerite traits on an item costs gold (start at 5) and increasing for each successive reforge on an item.

Azerite Armor can not titanforge, but higher level items do provide higher level Azerite traits for selection. Azerite Armor also does not have secondary stats, which allows selection of the items to be based solely on the traits it provides and the item level of the item in question. Epic quality Azerite armor pieces will only be available through time gated progression systems such as:

  • Raids
  • Mythic Dungeons
  • Weekly Mythic Keystone Chest

Azerite Traits/Powers

Each Azerite Armor piece has the same arrangement of Azerite Powers. Regardless of where you get the item or what item level it happens to be, the exact same configuration of Azerite traits will be present on it. Azerite powers on an item are organised into tiers, with items having between three and four tiers. Starter level items obtained through questing generally have only three tiers of powers available, while higher level dungeon and raid items will have four tiers available.

The initial tier of traits will contain the class and specialisation specific traits. Some traits are shared between specialisations, while others are restricted to a specific specialisation, which must be the active specialisation in order to select the trait for use. Tier two will contain generic throughput related traits that are not class specific. Tier one will provide a generic utility or defensive trait, while the final tier — tier zero, provides a simple 5 item level bump to the item the trait is present on.

A detailed and interactive interface is available for viewing the Azerite Powers (and the items they can be found on) for each of the classes below: